Terry Combs Biography

Mr. Combs, a graduate of Yale University, has worked diligently to expanded upon his family’s rich aviation heritage. As a result, Mr. Combs has become an aviation icon in his own right. Over the course of his career he has successfully managed several aviation companies within highly competitive business, aviation and airport environments, resulting in incredible success.

  • Starting in 1967, Mr. Combs has operated numerous air taxi postal contracts in the United States and directed one of the first cargo airline companies to secure an airline certification after deregulation in 1977.
  • He established, owned and operated Combs Freightair, an all-cargo airline.
  • He established, owned and operated the commuter passenger airline Frontier Commuter Airlines.
  • Founded and operated IASAir (Integrated Airline Services), an airline ground services company in 1984. Selling the company in 2013
  • In 2015 Combs cofounded another ground service company servicing the nations overnight package delivery service, Pinnacle Logistics LLC, a major aviation and ground service company

Terry Combs’ father, Harry Combs, was considered an aviation pioneer and was elected to the Aviation hall of fame. He was the former head of Gates Learjet and founder of AMR Combs, a national chain of corporate aircraft service centers. Harry Combs was honored as one of the nation’s top 100 aviators at the Wright Brothers Centennial of Flight.

In an interview by the Denver Business Journal, Terry stated,
“My dad taught me the pursuit of excellence and that there’s no substitute for a class operation. He taught me to be persistent, not to quit and to maintain integrity.”